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Model Unit: Angelique Townhouse

Regular lot Area: 36 sqms

Floor Area: 35 sqms

Construction System: Cast-in-Place

Features: Provision for 2 bedrooms,Carport,Living Area,Dining and kitchen Area, Toilet and bath and Service area.

Total Contract Price: P772,000.00


Total DP:              P85,000.00

Reservation Fee:    P5,000.00

Balance:                 P80,000/12 mos

Monthly DP for 12 mos.: P6,667.00

Loan Amount: P(6.5%) P687,000.00

30 years: P4,342.00

25 years: P4,639.00

2o years: P5,122.00


Monthly DP for 12 mos.: P9,233.00

Total DP: P115,800.00

Loan Amount: (8%) P656,200.00

20 years: P5,489.00

15 years: P6,271.00

10 years: P7,962.00